Lost in a sea of BOM comparisons?

Figuring out what’s changed in the BOM by staring at two nearly-identical spreadsheets? No thanks

Instead, drop both files into Delving and download a report of the changes. It’s free to get started.

It's free to get started!

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An Excel spreadsheet that has been uploaded to Delving
A profile picture of Simone, who just uploaded a spreadsheet to Delving to share with her colleagues for review and merge.
A list of version showing the history of a spreadsheet in Delving. Simone, an analyst, has submitted a new version with some changes she is proposing. This version has 'Review changes' button indicating that it is needs to be reviewed.
Daria sending an email with updated current week's BOM to reflect current needs uwing Delving. She also included a link to the change report.
A before and after comparison of item quantity of an item in row 10, that changed from 250,000 to 175,000.
A profile picture of Justin, who is really excited he caught a formula that was accidentally changed to a plain text number. That would have been a costly mistake!

How has our inventory changed since last week?

Comparing each new snapshot from your inventory system could mean spending a morning going through hundreds of lines trying to find differences in the “Quantities” column.

Or, you could let Delving highlight the differences in a couple of seconds.

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Save time by uploading your spreadsheet versions and seeing the nine changes more quickly.

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