Delving's frequently asked questions

Delving is a tool for smarter, more efficient Excel review and collaboration. Figure out who changed what in a spreadsheet, when, and how. Work on the same Excel file as others safely, without any hassle. Or quickly explain and invite a reviewer to explore and comment on your sheet without letting them change it.

Delving is currently invite-only. If you're interested in using Delving, please sign up for the waitlist or reach out about becoming a beta user.

Upload one or more Excel files to create a new workbook. Where you go from there depends on what you'd like to use Delving for: If you want to explore differences in versions on your own, click into the workbook to get started. If you'd like to invite others to review or collaborate, click into the workbook and then hit "Share" to get started.

In Delving, all versions of your workbook are stored within the workbook itself. Instead of a directory full of different copies of the file (spreadsheet.jan21.a.xlsx, spreadsheet.jan21.b.xlsx, spreadsheet.jan21.FINAL.xlsx, etc.), a Delving workbook provides insight into the relationships and changes between these related spreadsheets, and keeps track of the history of changes for you.

Great question. Each user gets a set of private, object storage BUCKETS assigned to them in the Google Cloud (think of them like drives or top-level folders). These buckets are encrypted, so there's no way that Google -- or anyone else! -- can read your files unless you explicitly share them.

Today, we can reliably detect changes in content and values only. This includes changes to formulas, but not calculated values. We will detect changes to formatting, calculations and more in upcoming releases. (Want to help us make Delving better? Please reach out about becoming a beta tester!

Delving is for everyone who uses spreadsheets with or for other people. Whether it’s for your home budget, event planning, inventory tracking, or making multi-million dollar decisions, Delving is for you.