Keep using Excel, while controlling changes to your workbook and tracking how it evolves over time.

Delving is a platform to help you track and manage changes to your Excel spreadsheets, without giving up Excel. Reconcile or consolidate your workbooks, safely collect proposed changes in parallel, and make audits and compliance a breeze.

An Excel spreadsheet that has been uploaded to Delving
A profile picture of Simone, who just uploaded a spreadsheet to Delving to share with her colleagues for review and merge.
A list of version showing the history of a spreadsheet in Delving. Simone, an analyst, has submitted a new version with some changes she is proposing. This version has 'Propsoed' label indicating that it is waiting for review.
A side panel showing Simone's changes that Justin is reviewing showing some changes are accepted, some are rejected, and some are still unreviewed. When clicked, a button to accept this proposal will save the approved changes into a new version of the workbook.
A before and after comparison of Cell D-10. This cell used to have a formula computing the subtotal, but it was changed to plain text in this version.
A profile picture of Justin, who is really excited he caught a formula that was accidentally changed to a plain text number. That would have been a costly mistake!

Excel powers billions of business decisions each month.

But getting there can be tough: initial ideas get tweaked, sent around, and repeated, and then who-knows-what-version gets pulled from someone's inbox.

Delving takes the friction out of managing changes to your spreadsheets as you work with your colleagues, and ensures you always have the latest (or any other) version at your fingertips.

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Be ready to show your work

Track all the changes, manage all the versions.

Using filenames to try and remember the details of each version of your workbook? Painful.

Seeing at a glance all of the changes between versions, who made them, and getting the workbook as it existed in any previous version, forever? Now we’re talking.

Track your spreadsheet versions with intent. Only publish when you're ready with your changes, and easily visualize and explore changes over time.
When someone else has made changes, you have complete control over the review process — review, understand, then accept or reject changes. When you're done, Delving automatically merges approved changes with the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Say goodbye to #REFing out

Every new person touching your spreadsheet is a mistake waiting to happen. Delving shows you all proposed changes – not just the ones you expected to find. So rest easy, knowing you’ll catch every formula-breaking change before it makes its way into your next version.

No more #REFs
Someone accidentally changed a formula to plain text. Don't worry! Delving found the mistake, and it's been fixed.

Manage everyone’s contributions within minutes, instead of hours.

Delving makes it easier than ever to manage your Excel workbooks, which means naming all your file versions is history. How can it be that easy?


Save two (or more) versions of a workbook to Delving & see the differences between them.


Invite a reviewer who can’t change your workbooks, but can explore and comment.


Or request, collect, and review changes from your team — in parallel.


See the changes that are proposed, review them in real time, then choose which ones to keep.

Make better decisions, faster.
Without leaving Excel.

Delving is the tool for reconciling Excel versions and controlling changes. Save time, catch more mistakes, and manage changes:

  • Send your colleagues who say "I didn’t see that projection!" the very version they commented on.
  • Catch when you paste values instead of formulas 100% of the time
  • Keep execs from messing up your workbooks by inviting them as read-only ‘reviewers’
  • Keep Sales from messing up your workbooks by having them propose changes through Delving — and then going through them yourself

A large list of changes showing the before and after comparison in Delving.
Save your workbooks to Delving in an instant with the Delving Connect plugin for Excel.
Arjun used the Delving Connect plugin to save his latest version to Excel. Emily was waiting for updated model numbers and is really excited to see what's changed.
Just one click of a button and your versions are saved safely in Delving.
Emily is looking at the changes Arjun has made to the workbook. He's really excited to see what's changed.

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